Take care of Them

Smartula is a bee’s personal assistant.
Take better care of your bee families and start monitoring their well being.


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Be never late

Get notified of every undesirable event in the beehive. Be on time to help them.

Increase vitality of bee colonies

Thanks to our system, more bees will be able to cope with strong winters, the disease will be quickly identified and the colony strength will grow.
More bees match the higher yields and expansion of your smartula-powered apiary.

Prevent theft and damaged hives

By constantly monitoring the hive, Smartula knows when the threat of a thief or pest attack occurs.
Flipped hive?
You'll still have time to repair the damage and save the bees - we'll let you know so you can react in time.

Deacrease swarming phenomenons

Bee monitoring has many benefits including . We can tell you when the bees intend to swarm or when the surrounding environment does not suit them. Our scientists are constantly working to identify these phenomena!

Act effectively

Check out the features

  • Monitor & analyze
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Easy assembly

Monitor & analyze

Through extended sound, temperature and humidity we monitor and constantly analyze your beehives status.

Artificial Intelligence

We treat your hives like an organism that tells us its needs through sound.
We use artificial intelligence algorithms to identify what your bees want to share with us.

Easy assembly

We provide a complete bee frame, equipped with sensors to inform you about potential theft and unauthorized access to your hive.

How it works

Artificial Intelligence system

You will be always the first to know about the situation inside the hive so that you can respond on time!

The complete beekeeping frame with the device collects data by the sensors and sends it wirelessly to the SMARTULA's servers.
Data is then analyzed and presented to you inside the App.
You'll know about past and current measurements and events and also about predictions delivered by Artificial Intelligence.

Data types

  • AI Predictions
  • Temperature & Humidity data
  • Sound data
  • Alarms

Don't miss the chance to try our technology


We don't work alone

Thanks to them Smartula's scientists and programmers are conducting research on bees and their behaviour to better understand their habits and contribute to lower mortality of these insects.

Sescom SA
Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre

The team

Everyday we do our best to deliever you system

  • Tymoteusz Cejrowski Fullstack developer / AI, Scientist
  • Patryk Cyrzan Fullstack Developer
  • Łukasz Kamrowski UX/UI, Front-end developer
  • Michał Szymański Product owner / Investor relations
  • Emilian Świtalski Embedded system developer

Tymoteusz Cejrowski

Fullstack developer / AI, Scientist

An ambitious researcher with broad technical knowledge focused on building both scientific and practice-oriented IT systems.


Machine Learning, IoT, Data Analysis

Patryk Cyrzan

Fullstack Developer

Graduate of Information Technology Faculty at the Technical University of Gdansk, full-stack developer and Kotlin evangelist.


Software development - backend, TypeScript + React, Java + Spring and Kotlin + Android SDK

Łukasz Kamrowski

UX/UI, Front-end developer

A designer & front-end developer translating ideas from concept to mock to prototype and finally to production.


Software development - UX/UI, React, Typescript

Michał Szymański

Product owner / Investor relations

Enthusiastic IT manager keens on new technologies, in the professional IT industry for two decades.


Business development, Project Management, Software architecture

Emilian Świtalski

Embedded system developer

An experienced embedded system developer, an electronic designer responsible for design hardware in our project.


Firmware developer, electronics designer